Free Loft and Cavity Insulation

Here at Free Loft and Cavity Insulation, we work closely with a large number of UK installers to address the surrounding issue of energy company obligations for vulnerable households. We’ve helped thousands of people who do not have enough funds to cover their energy and insulation costs.

Our loft and cavity wall insulation service is completely free of charge. The government grants are also free of charge and do not need to be repaid. For the majority of homes, the insulation is free of charge, but may require a contribution depending on how energy efficient your property is.

Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation grants 2022 are available today for FREE! Once you have completed our simple online application we will organise your new home insulation to be surveyed and fitted by a local authorised installer.

The installers will first carry out a survey before they proceed with the installation. Free Loft and Cavity Insulation will monitor feedback on our installers to ensure they provide the best possible level of customer service for you.

Here to serve you - Thank you

The Free Loft and Cavity Insulation team has been working to arrange ECO grants for the general public since 2013. Before this, we also helped tens of thousands of people gain free insulation under the CERT funding.

Our registered office is in Central London, we have administration offices in Devon and Warwickshire, and an installation network of approved surveyors and fitters across England, Scotland and Wales. This means we can always provide you with a local service as a national company.

We are here to serve you with insulation grant funding and appropriate professional installations. We are a friendly UK based team and look forward to your application. Thank you.

Free Insulation Grant