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Under the ECO3 you can not only enjoy the benefits of loft and cavity wall insulation, but also gain a totally free new boiler.

Boiler Replacement scheme

When you apply for Cavity Wall insulation or the combination of Loft and Cavity Wall insulation, then at the end of the application we ask if you would like to receive a new A-rated boiler using the same ECO3 funding. There is no cost to this and it is offered under the government scheme to improve energy efficiency within your property.

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Why take action today?

  • FREE new boiler (worth up to £2,300).
  • FREE cavity wall insulation (worth up to £725).
  • Significant reductions in energy and heating bills.
  • Enjoy a warmer more comfortable home.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • New insulation will be maintenance free.
  • While government grants are available.

Do I qualify?

You need to receive an ECO3 benefit and have an empty or partially filled brick cavity wall. Click here to see eligible ECO3 benefits.

You must be a homeowner occupying the property.

Your boiler should be inefficient enough to qualify for a free replacement - it should be at least 7 years old, with signs of malfunction and use certain types of fuel such as oil, gas or LPG.

Your property should be built with cavity walls. If you have a 1-bedroom property then you may be asked to make a contribution depending on how energy inefficient your property is. As a guide, houses built before 1930 are often solid wall. Many houses built between 1982 and 2000 were built with uninsulated cavities. If your property was built after 1995 then it might have been partially insulated and you are probably eligible for a cavity top-up.

Note: You must have 67% or more of the cavity walls available to be insulated. Unfortunately, we cannot just insulate a new extension of the property under this funding.

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How much can I save?

Replacing your old inefficient boiler will save you around £2,300 on the installation plus circa £320 a year on your energy bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust Cavity Wall Insulation of a detached house can cost anything around £725. With ECO3 funding you can have Cavity Wall Insulation for free. In addition, the chart below shows statistics from the Energy Saving Trust (2018) on average annual energy bills savings from cavity wall insulation according to your house type.

Detached house £245
Semi-detached house £145
Mid-terraced house £90
Bungalow £100
Flat £70

If you believe that your property is eligible for cavity wall insulation and your boiler needs a replacement too, then complete the enquiry form on this website and we will assess FREE of charge and without any obligation if you qualify for a combined FREE Boiler and Insulation Grant.

I receive an ECO3 benefit and want to proceed.